something that just pisses me the fuck off.

so i read this one article about groups of kpop fans going to the site of the ferry accident and handing out coffee or hot packs or food and being all friendly and good to people while doing it under the name of the kpop group they came to rep like exo, bap, etc.

and the article was just like its so nice to see that korea’s kpop fans are so mature and caring. 

but oh my god. people. are we missing the fucking point here. they didnt go there cuz they actually cared about the victims and their families. they went to the site of one of the most saddest accidents that ive heard of to freaking ADVERTISE THEIR OPPAS. what messed up fuckheads do this?? 

and NO. do NOT try to argue with me saying “just because they were doing it under the kpop group’s name doesnt mean that they dont care!!!11!!1!!”

if they had ACTUALLY cared enough about the people who got killed/injured and their families, you wouldve gone down to help withOUT advertising your goddamn oppas.  

i get that your fucking oppas are really important to your little shitty lives but that doesnt mean that you can go down to where 200+ TEENAGERS just like you and me are stuck and dying in a fucking boat at the bottom of the ocean and be like “here’s a cup of coffee!! btw, please support exo!!!!!!!!!!!”

what part of this is admirable or ANYTHING. 


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Oh my godd my nephew just gave me this egg and said it’s Zico im crying

I give you Glaucus Atlanticus

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I just wanna go out buy some really ugly sandals so that I can look trendy as fk.